Why Does Anthem Still Have Connectivity Issues?

Origin Access Premiere users got to play Anthem sooner than the rest of us, and they experienced connectivity issues sooner as well.


A lot of people are getting increasingly more worried about Anthem the sooner the launch date approaches. Some think that the lack of endgame content is going to deter players, others think that the technical issues are going to be a problem. A lot of people think that microtransactions are going to ruin everything. For now at least, the technical problems are the issue here, but they aren’t as intense as they were during the VIP demo.

Only some are experiencing connectivity issues with Anthem right now, and many others aren’t. That’s a good sign, a sign that BioWare is patching up the game quite nicely before its official release. But EA Access Premiere users have encountered some problems.


EA Help said that the issues were fixed a while back on their Twitter account, but players pop up from time to time saying that they still experience them. The question is, will these problems persist, or will they will be gone for good before February 22nd. Our guess is that they won’t, but you never know.

The only thing we have to worry about now is the microtransactions in Anthem. Why do $60 games even have microtransactions in them is beyond us, but players don’t like them. Especially when they’re generic and stupidly expensive.


Will you be playing BioWare’s latest title when it launches, or are you skipping on it? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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