Will Devil May Cry Be In Super Smash Bros As DLC Character?

One of the biggest video games out right now is Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. This game has brought 75 characters to the fray of a truly ultimate fighting experience, and everyone is waiting for the next big character to arrive. We recently just got Piranha Plant, and Joker from Persona 5 is coming soon too. The second DLC character is pointing towards a Dragon Quest character, leaving three more to be revealed. And some fans are hoping it’s a character from Devil May Cry.

Why? Why not! Seriously, anything seems open to possibility at this point, and the producer of the upcoming Devil May Cry 5, Hidaki Itsuno heard about this too, and noted:

“Well, you think about it… I’m pretty sure that they… all the characters in Smash at least have some game on a Nintendo platform, right? Well, that’s the thing. Devil May Cry has never been on a Nintendo platform. So it seems like the first thing to do would be to get Capcom to put Devil May Cry on a Nintendo platform in some way, shape or form – whatever game that might be.”

Devil May Cry 5

His case is compelling, as the “one rule” for the third party characters seems to be that they have had to appear on a Nintendo system in some capacity. Even Cloud Strife (via the Kingdom Hearts games) and Solid Snake (via early games and the Twin Snakes port on Gamecube) were on the publishers system at one point.

Now, granted, IF Dante, Virgil, or one of the other DMC characters WERE to arrive in Smash Bros Ultimate, it would be rather unique despite them having swords for the most part. And both Sakurai and Reggie Fils-Aime noted that the DLC characters were meant to be unique, which is why Joker is the perfect start-off to prove that.

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