WoW Classic Is A Financial Success

WoW Classic, to no one’s surprise, ended up being an exponential financial success for Blizzard together with Black Ops 4.

WoW Classic
Image source: Blizzard Entertainment

Imagine that. Blizzard gave something to the players that they have been asking for a long time. And a lot of players bought the desired product, resulting in an exceptional increase in subscription plans. That was to be expected. WoW Classic is that blast-from-the-past that a majority of the WoW playerbase asked for, since like, forever. I am quite pleased that this is the case, as WoW was decaying these past few years. This old-new experience ended up revitalizing the decaying WoW playerbase.

Over the last few years, this MMORPG titan lost more players than it gained. This was the turning wheel that Blizzard needed. In their financial report it says:

World of Warcraft® Classic drove the biggest quarterly increase to subscription plans2 in franchise history, in both the West and East.

Now, everything Blizzard has to do is keep WoW Classic alive and, well, keep listening to player feedback. Let’s hope they don’t try to bring in exclusive and incredibly overpriced unique mounts to this little piece of heaven.

WoW Classic
Image source: Blizzard Entertainment

Keep in mind that WoW is quite an old game. There’s only so much room for innovation. That is exactly why they brought something beloved from the past, tidied it up a bit, polished it here and there, and presented it on a silver platter. Naturally, the players feasted like never before.

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