WoW Finally Adds Two Allied Races To The Game

After a year or so of waiting, WoW players finally get two allied races, the
Kul Tiran humans and the Zandalari trolls.


Rejoice at the fact that two allied races that should have been available right after the launch of Battle for Azeroth arrived now, a year later. Are you still excited to play as the rough and mean Kul Tiran humans? Or the Zandalari trolls that surprisingly stand pretty upright for trolls.

Anyhow, now that these allied races finally joined the fray, which one will you be picking? Remember that starting a new character as either one of these new races and leveling them up to level 110 gets you an awesome armor that represents that brand new races that you’ve been so eagrly anticipating.

Source: Wowhead

Thankfully, WoW players can look forward to other additions as well, like all types of new quests, one of which includes Magni Bronzebeard and his relentless efforts to heal Azeroth. More content is pretty important, but a lot of WoW players will tell you that there are major issues with the game that should be worked on. A lot of class and PvP balancing arrived with this patch, but if you head over to this Wowhead post (which contains all of the information that you need on this patch and all that it contains), you can find some annoyed players in the comments section.

The most agitating thing about Blizzard that’s bugging players right now is that they promise a lot of things, which end up being half a year late or worse. Imagine how it must feel for WoW players to be treated like this after they’ve been supporing this MMORPG for over 10 years now.

Source: Wowhead

Are you excited to see these two allied races finally added, or are you one of the people that already left WoW?

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