Anthem Bug Lets Storm Javelins Have Infinite Health

An Anthem player discovered a little trick that let regenerate his health and shield constantly with his Storm Javelin.


It seems like BioWare have their hands full with Anthem as new bugs are being discovered all the time. This and other issues that are happening at the moment makes a person think, who the hell is still playing this game? Everyone that predict that this co-op shooter was going to be a mess was right, but no one expected to get another fiasco like Fallout 76 to happen.

So, this new bug with the Storm Javelin is pretty gamebreaking. Why? Well, it lets players regenarte their health and shields due to a bug with weapon swapping. The player is called u/MustacheSwagBag said this in his Reddit post:

Weapon Swapping right as you cast your ult on storm regenerates your shields and health without using any ultimate charges. You can do this at any time when your ult bar is full.

Seems pretty OP, and this player says that he’s been using this exploit for two and a half weeks.


This bug also cools your jets as well, which means that you can hover all the time. It’s strange that these kinds of bugs exist in a triple-A title like Anthem, but that’s what you get when you release an unfinished product. Of course people are going to find ways to exploit certain bugs and glitches in ways that break the game.

As of right now, BioWare isn’t aware of this bug, but the Reddit post that pointed it out has been getting a lot of attention. Hopefully this gets fixed sooner rather than later.

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