Anthem Players Reveal What They Want In Updates

The more time that players spend on Anthem, the more that players get divisive on what it’s really like, and how good it really is. On one hand, the game does have the potential to be great, and live up to the standards that Bioware is known for. But, on the other hand, it has gaming tropes that Bioware usually ISN’T known for, and thus is causing fans to roll eyes because it was an “EA move”. So naturally, they’re making their thoughts known on the matter.

On the Anthem Subreddit, one fan made very clear one very simple fix that could make the game better…more variety of enemies:

“It’s boring as f*** sitting there shooting one enemy for minutes at a time,” they said. “Higher difficulties should be more enemies. It’s not often you get a big group of enemies together as it is so a lot of the aoe skills are useless. Make them fun by adding more enemies not increasing health.”


Man fans agreed with this sentiment, and others even offered suggestions on how to make the current enemies better:

I’ve always hated games for increasing the health to have a so called “difficulty”. Love to see a sliding scale AI that uses more and more tactics as your lvl increases, giving you real difficulty. I know you have some games that kind of do this but not to the point I’m looking for. I want it to be hard to tell the difference from a player and the AI. I guess this probably comes down to being expensive, without really adding enough benefits to justify the cost.

Bioware has been promising to make some significant updates to the game through updates and DLC. But whether this will be one thing they add remains to be seen.

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