Apex Legends Devs Share More Info About Seer and His Abilities

While Apex Legends hasn’t officially shown Seer and his abilities, we got some info from game director Chad Grenier during Ea Play Live.

Apex Legends Seer abilities
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

I was very confused with Seer’s very stylish announcement trailer. He has special eyes, but he also controls micro-drones. When you think about it, he is a tracker. But what exactly can he do with these insanely pretty eyes of his and cute little drones?

Well, Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier shared some info about Seer and his abilities during EA Play Live. Firstly, his Passive lets him faintly detect the heartbeats of his enemies when he aims down sights. Secondly, his Tactical gives Seer players the option to send out drones that will hunt down enemies whose heartbeat was detected with the Passive. Lastly, his Ultimate creates a huge dome that lets Seer and his allies see any fast-moving enemies. Check out these abilities in the Emergence launch trailer:

Seems like Seer by himself counters the fast-paced meta. You’ll need a slow and methodical approach to beat Seer and his tracking abilities. We’ll find out more about the whole Emergence event today during Respawn’s Livestream.

In other news concerning Respawn Entertainment, they’re hiring for a brand new single-player title.

Apex Legends Seer abilities
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

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