Are You Participating In Fortnite’s Autumn Queen’s Quest?

This Thanksgiving weekend was quite busy for Fortnite players, as they are all trying to complete the Autumn Queen’s Quest in order to get a freebie.

Epic Games absolutely love their fanbase. You can always see some kind of event going on that’s giving the players free rewards. This Thanksgiving also confirmed that fact, as Fortnite players got a chance to earn a charming animated wrap. It isn’t really a huge event, but it’s one that gives everyone an incentive to play. Why? Well, because the Autumn Queen’s Quest is actually a community event. That’s right, everyone has to participate in order for everyone to get the reward!

Everyone has to do their part. Heal an ally with the Bandage Bazooka and earn 1 point. Revive a teammate and earn 2 points. Play a round with a buddy and earn 5 whole points. Then, when 2,500,000 points are collected by 8 PM, December 1st, everyone gets the Autumn Queen’s Animated Fallen Leaf Wrap. Currently, there’s a day and some hours left to complete this challenge.  As I’m writing this, 2 144 236 796 points have been collected. So we’re almost there! I’m pretty sure the challenge is going to be completed. Fortnite players are super active, and these minor tasks are nothing hard for them to finish until the deadline is up!

Image credit: Epic Games

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