Black Ops 4 Update Brings St. Patrick’s Day Event

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has been very consistent with its updates, bringing fans and players all they need to stay entertained and know that everything is getting balanced in just the right way. And one of the those right ways is through new events that players can enjoy. A new update has been revealed on Reddit, and with it comes a new seasonal event: Shamrock and Awe.

We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day throughout the month of March with our Shamrock & Awe in-game event in Black Ops 4, kicking off today on PS4. This event brings free new seasonal content to Multiplayer, Blackout, and Zombies, including new game modes, limited-time thematic updates, and some unexpected surprises.

Here is what you can expect to see in the new event:

  • Free Personalization Items

    • Visit the Black Market during the special event to receive your free St. Patrick’s Day Gesture & Calling Card.

  • Multiplayer: St. Patrick’s Stockpile

    • In this seasonal twist on Fracture from Black Ops 3, kill enemies to collect their shamrocks and deposit them at the nearest pot of gold to score points for your team.

  • Blackout: Spring Map Update + New Surprises

    • Spring has arrived in Blackout, bringing with it all-new lighting, a whole lot of greenery, and some… colorful hidden treasures. Follow the rainbow!

  • Zombies: Green-Eyed Zombies + Seasonal Easter Egg

    • May the luck of the Irish be with you against the green-eyed zombies that await in Classic Chaos story maps! Rumor has it they’re hiding a special new Easter Egg to discover at the end of the rainbow…

Black Ops 4

But, not to be left behind, the multiplayer for the game has gotten some updates as well:

  • Stockpile (PS4)

    • Black Ops 3’s fan-favorite Fracture game mode returns with a new twist in Stockpile, debuting today on PS4! Collect and bank enemy tags, deposit them point to score points for your team, and rack up the most points for the win.

  • Contraband Hurricane

    • The warming springtime weather has swept a tropical storm across the island map of Contraband, free for all players starting this week.

  • Scorestreak Tuning

    • The Thresher will no longer damage friendly players in modes with Friendly Fire enabled, and the Dart will no longer count toward team kill punishment in modes with Friendly Fire enabled.

  • Casino Hardpoint & Custom Game Fixes

    • Casino will now be available in Hardpoint and Custom Game playlists for Black Ops Pass holders.

  • Prestige Master Level 999 Fix

    • For those MP die-hards who’ve already reached Level 1000 Prestige Master but haven’t seen their rank update past Level 999, a fix is live for you with today’s update.

Read the full Black Ops 4 Patch Notes to see all that went down.

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