Blizzard Announces Crossplay for Overwatch

It seems that after a long, long time after its release Blizzard finally decides to introduce crossplay to Overwatch and maybe Overwatch 2.

crossplay Overwatch
Image credit: Blizzard

Remember way back in the day when Blizzard specifically said they’re not interested in crossplay? Then, over the years their opinions on the matter started to change. Well, after quite a long while after Overwatch launched, it seems like crossplay is on the way.

The standard problem with crossplay in a game like Overwatch is the difference between a joystick and a mouse and keyboard. Naturally, the precision and swiftness of the latter can’t be matched on the consoles.

But, Blizzard has a solution. Console player parties will get matched with other console players. On the other hand, PC players get matched with other PC players and groups made out of both PC and console players.

It seems complicated but it really isn’t. Yet, Blizzard wants to keep competitive Overwatch clean. That means console and PC players won’t be playing against one another. Both console and PC have their own separate matchmaking pools.

Everyone with a account can participate in the beta. Just log into Overwatch by December 31st and you’ll get a Golden Loot Box as a reward.

Are you happy that crossplay is arriving to Overwatch? Let me know in the comments section below!


crossplay Overwatch
Image credit: Blizzard

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