Capcom Made a Shitton of Money Thanks to Resident Evil Village

It seems Capcom set an all-new record in sales in this year’s first quarter thanks to the incredible success of Resident Evil Village.

Capcom Resident Evil Village
Image credit: CAPCOM

We already know Resident Evil Village sold an insane amount of copies. It’s the best-selling entry in the entire Resident Evil franchise. This is saying a lot, considering Capcom’s insane success with all the recent RE games which includes both new entries and the remakes.

Then it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Capcom made a shitton of cash mostly thanks to Resident Evil Village. The latest RE entry resulted in 13.3 million units sold (up 44.6% year-over-year) which translates into the company’s highest profits for the first quarter in history. Monster Hunter Rise, the Nintendo Switch title, also contributed to these numbers.

Even though everyone wasn’t all that impressed by the tall vampire lady and everything else that came with Village, the numbers don’t lie. It’s interesting to think about how’s this going to affect Capcom’s future plans. Perhaps they’re going to ease on the anti-piracy software to improve performance. Perhaps they’re going to release a ton of Village DLC.

Capcom, like most gaming giants, likes to focus on their big-money makers. In this case, we might get more Resident Evil games that mix gothic horror mythology with the established RE lore. What do you think, will they go in this direction or will they bring something completely new?

Capcom Resident Evil Village
Image credit: CAPCOM

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