Days Gone Team Answer Big Questions About Title

The PS4 has already had a rather stellar 2019 so far. With big game releases like Kingdom Hearts 4, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Anthem, Far Cry New Dawn, and more. Sure, not all of them were exclusive, but given the PS4’s fanbase, it’s fair to say that the games did well on the system. In terms of exclusives though, the next one that is coming out is the zombie survival game Days Gone. Which is trying to be more than just another zombie game.

There are a lot of questions surrounding the game, including questions about the location of the game, Oregon. In a chat with Average Caucasian Shark, the guy noted why the team went there:

The devs couldn’t really think of a game like this that had been set in Oregon before. However, he said the main reason was because of the diverse geography, which allowed them to implement a lot of different things in the game. Oregon has volcanoes, several bodies of water, a coast on the Pacific, large forests, shrublands and the High Desert. The Desert was something Chris seemed to particularly point out, which leads me to guess there’s something important in that region of the game’s map.

Days Gone

That’s the same kind of desire that Ubisoft had when they decided to put Far Cry 5 in Montana, and it definitely worked to their advantage. Which the team at Days Gone will also use to their advantage via the Day/Night cycle:

“The Freakers are more aggressive at night, and they hunt better in a complete lack of light. Which, according to Chris, means a rainstorm at night is really bad news. Now if you’ve been following this game at all, you probably know it’s set in the Pacific Northwest. But wait, doesn’t it rain a lot in the Pacific Northwest? Yes, it does.”

Days Gone arrives on April 26th.

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