Dead by Daylight Finally Gets Its Resident Evil Update

Dead by Daylight found the best partner to do a crossover event with in the form of the Resident Evil update that’s live today.

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil
Image credit: Behaviour Interactive Inc.

An asymmetrical multiplayer horror survival game where desperate survivors try to escape from monstrous and deranged killers. Fans of both these games can enjoy this surprise crossover.

Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil are a match made in heaven (or hell). That’s what I thought when they announced this DLC. It’s an exciting turn of events as you never know if we’re getting more Dead by Daylight X Resident Evil crossovers.


The Resident Evil Chapter gives you a new Killer, two Survivors, and the universal Umbrella Corporation charm. Everyone gets the new map, free of charge. Chris and Claire Redfield are available for purchase via the in-game store.

Nemesis fits right into Dead by Daylight’s theme. So do Leon and Jill. The map also looks quite solid, but it looks kind of empty without all the zombies.

So, will you be getting this crossover Resident Evil DLC or are you skipping this one?

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil
Image credit: Behaviour Interactive Inc.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dead by Daylight, secure your greatly discounted copy for yourself over on HRK Game. All the game’s DLCs are also available for an outstanding price!

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