Death Stranding Coming To Steam In July

The PC version of Death Stranding has been slightly delayed but we can expect to play this delivery simulator to arrive on Steam in July.

Death Stranding Steam July

A lot of people were really excited to find out the exact release date of Death Stranding on the PC. Well, my fellow gaming brothers and sisters, I have some sad news. As you can tell from the title of this article, Death Stranding is launching on Steam in July. So, basically we only have to wait a month more. Not a bad delay, considering that July is also quite closeby. As you know, the global pandemic is still in motion. Because of it, many have to work remotely. And working remotely can slow down the development process of games, as we’ve seen just recently with Baldur’s Gate 3 problems.

The exact same reason is the reason for Death Stranding’s delay. Kojima Productions are working remotely. Naturally, this changes their work environment a lot. So, we have to wait a month more than originally planned. Not a big deal to get to experience this extremely weird and unique game on the PC.

Death Stranding Steam July
Image credit: Kojima Productions

As we all know, Kojima is a master at his craft. The titles he worked on are some of the most original and creative video games of these modern times. For those of you that haven’t played his final Metal Gear game, The Phantom Pain, should pick it up on HRK Game right now! It’s one of the best action/stealth titles out there!

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