Destiny 2 Is Becoming A Free-To-Play Title

Shadowkeep was finally revealed by Bungie, but we also got the news that Destiny 2 is becoming a F2P title.

Shadowkeep was finally announced by Bungie after a lot of leaks appeared that teased the expansion. But, that isn’t all the exciting news regarding this multiplayer looter shooter.

The Google Stadia stream had quite a few nice surprises to show us. Destiny 2 and its upcoming expansion were one of them, but the thing that caught us off-guard is the fact that the game is moving to Steam and becoming a free2play title. That’s right, you will be able to download Destiny 2 for free on Steam. Say goodbye to Battlenet and welcome a free-to-play model for this sci-fi looter shooter. The only thing you have to pay for are expansions, but you will get the year one content for free. Cross-saves functionality for Stadia, Xbox, and PS4 will also be a thing. Learn more about all of that on their “The Next Chapter for Destiny 2” stream.

Destiny 2: New Light is what the base game is going to be called from now on. It includes the year one activities, missions, rewards, Strikes, PvP Crucible modes, and the Leviathan raids.

As far as Shadowkeep is concerned, it will be a standalone expansion. Most of us already guessed that we’re going to be involved with the Hive again. Eris Morn will tell us all about the new threat, why it’s here, and how to stop it. You can watch the cinematic trailer for it here.

Seems like Bungie’s departure from Activision allowed them to make some pretty impressive decisions regarding the game and its future. We are all very excited to see how Destiny 2 is going to keep evolving as time goes on!

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