Dying Light Celebrating Fan Support Through Month-Long Event

When a game lasts a long while, it’s appreciated by those who made it. For while everyone wants their game to be played, the best ones are the ones that are still played years after their launch. This is exactly what’s happening with Dying Light. The game launched three years ago, yet is still going strong via updates from the developer, as well as a large number of people still playing the title. The team at Techland are grateful for this, and thus they’re celebrating this month with some special events.

In a special Youtube video, the team revealed some of what’s coming up this month to celebrate Dying Light’s 3rd anniversary. There will be weekly giveaways, special bounties, and even a special Valentine’s Day event called “Undying Love”…which doesn’t sound creepy at all…

And, as if that wasn’t enough, the team also promised many other big announcements as 2018 goes on. Because of that, they recommend you check out their social media pages and ensure that you don’t miss a thing.

Dying LIght

“Dying Light’s longevity is a result of the studio’s hard work, combined with the efforts of our community, who have shown unparalleled love for the game and spent countless hours in Harran,” said the game’s producer, Tymon Smektala. “We are nothing but thankful for this exceptional commitment and players’ eagerness to provide us with constructive feedback that helped us make a better game.”

The game most definitely has gotten better over the years. The team has worked hard to enhance and refine the zombie title to make it something unique. Heck, they even released an “Enhanced Edition” of Dying Light to show how far they’ve advanced it. And, of course, player feedback helped it grow into something special as well.

So if you play the game, pat yourselves on the back, you’re the reason they made it this far.

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