Elden Ring Shows Gameplay and Release Date

After an insufferable amount of waiting the Elden Ring fans finally get to some majestic dark fantasy gameplay and even a release date.

Elden Ring gameplay
Image credit: FromSoftware

Does Elden Ring look like a Dark Souls game? Yes it does, but it also has some Sekiro and Bloodborne mixed into it. Essentially, could this be the magnum opus of the Soulslike genre? It’s quite possible, as the world has everything you’re used to; a gothic and gloomy atmosphere, gigantic architecture and huge enemies, cocky demigods that constantly have the need to talk smack about our character.

It also has a horse. A horse that can jump, so basically we have everything we need. As usual, the world looks like grim high fantasy that’s full of mystery and vague lore. Everything we love when it comes to FromSoftware and its games. Definitely check out the gameplay reveal down below if you haven’t already:

We spent a lot of time waiting for any kind of information about Elden Ring, its gameplay, release date, and so on. Then all of a sudden we get all of it at once. Yup, you heard me correctly, we know when this game is coming out.

Will you be getting Elden Ring once it launches on January 21st, 2022? Let me know in the comments section below!

Elden Ring gameplay
Image credit: FromSoftware

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