Epic Games Takes Swing At Steam Over Games In Their Stores

In case you didn’t hear, the Epic Games Store is live, and it’s already gotten some pretty special games among its roster. This includes exclusive titles like Metro Exodus, and now, The Outer Worlds by Obsidian. You might think that this kind of exclusivity on a PC store would hurt the sales of the title. But apparently that’s not the case. In fact, it’s actually doing a lot better on their store than it did on Steam with Metro.

Metro Exodus went to the Epic Games Store, and according to the head of the store, Steve Allison, the game has sold 2.5 times what the previous Metro title, Last Light, did on Steam:

“We’re super stoked to see this result, and one thing we can say for certain is Epic Games Store is sure to make many hundreds of millions of dollars for our development partners this year,” Allison said.

So that’s the fact, but the team wasn’t afraid to give a slight dig towards Steam as well in terms of the games they have in their library. For the CEO of the company, Tim Sweeney, noted that their store would only have quality titles:

“We’ll have a quality standard that doesn’t accept crappy games,” said Sweeney. “We’ll accept reasonably good quality games, of any scale, whether small indie games to huge triple-A games, and we’ll take everything up to, like, an R-rated movie or an M-rated game. A GTA game would be fine to us, but Epic’s not going to distribute porn games or bloatware or asset flips, or any sort of thing that’s meant to shock players. The PC’s an open platform and if we don’t distribute it in our store you can still reach consumers directly.”

So it’s clear that the Epic Games store isn’t going to fail just yet. Let’s see if it can continue the success of these titles.

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