ESO: Elsweyr Arrives On The PTS

If you want to try out the new content that ESO: Elsweyr is bringing, it’s now available on the PTS.


ESO v5.0.0 and Elsweyr, the newest Chapter, made their way to the Public Test Server. Those of you that want to test this new content can do so right now. The wild land of the Khajiit are open for exploration, and they are dangerous. Still, you can marvel at the lucious grasslands, huge canyons, and vast borderlands where the infamous moon-sugar crops are grown. Quite a spectacular land to explore that features wandering nomads, desolate deserts of the Scar, and many ruins which you shouldn’t explore on your own.

Actually, any ESO player should think twice about venturing into the world alone. The Elsweyr expansion is populating the skies with Dragons, mighty winged beasts that can kill you rather quickly. You can also try out the new Necromancer class and toy around with sinister forces. From what we’ve seen, this is definitely going to be one of the most interesting ESO classes to play.


Those that want an instant challenge can take on the Sunspire, a 12-player Trial in which you face Dragons. That’s right, you will be in an enclosed space with a giant fire-breathing lizard. Sounds like a jolly fun time, and there’s the choice between the normal and the veteran version. Just be careful, as each of the Dragon bosses has their own Hard Mode, since they aren’t just any regular foe. Complete all the crazy achivements tied to this Trial and you’ll even get the Sunspire Champion Senche-Lion Mount.


All in all, if you want a taste of what Elsweyr has to offer, just go on the PTS right now and take a bite. Just be careful around those nasty Dragons.

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