For Honor Is Getting A Brooding New Hero

Year 3 of For Honor, the Year of the Harbinger, starts things off with the arrival of Vortiger, the Black Prior.

For Honor

Oh boy, does this guy look intimidating. Have you met Vortiger? He’s the new hero that’s arriving in the game and introducing a brand new kind of Knight. As you can see in the trailer, he has a gigantic shield and a really cool-looking sword. We don’t know if the shields and the swords of the Black Priors will be as epic as Vortiger’s was in the cinematic trailer, but we hope they do. Because their design is absolutely spectacular.

A fun fact about the Black Priors is that they were once knights of the Order of the Holy Balaur. Then their leader, Vortiger, got charmed by Apollyon, which is totally understandable since she’s a badass warrior that really enjoys battle., and switched sides. But, once she got defeated, the Black Priors disperesed, and no one knew where they went.

For Honor

We still don’t know where they were, but they are back, and they are fighting under the leadership of Vortiger. For Honor players that own the Year 3 Pass will get access to the new hero on January 31st. However, if you don’t own the Year 3 Pass, you will be able to buy the Black Priors for 15,000 Steel.

The Year of the Harbinger is also bringing new heroes for the Wu Lin, Samuari, and Viking factions, a new map is coming to everyone for free called Harbor, new seasonal events are on their way, and some heroes will get updates.

For Honor

Vortiger, the Black Prior, is coming on January 31st. Are you excited for the upcoming For Honor content?

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