For Honor: Marching Fire Is Getting An Open Test

Marching Fire, For Honor’s upcoming expansion, will be getting an open test. The expansion is launching on October 16th, but the open test welcomes everyone with open arms on September 6th.

For Honor

For Honor is definitely one of the more unique fighting games out there. It’s not just any kind of fighting, it’s sword dueling. And thanks to the Art of Battle system, the duels between players feel incredibly challenging and intense. Now, even though the game has been struggling with its player base, there’s a new expansion on the way.

For Honor

For Honor is getting Chinese warriors, which are the new playable faction, and the 4v4 Breach mode in this expansion. The best part about this open test is that anyone can participate. Doesn’t matter if you own the game or not, you can play the Marching Fire expansion on September 6th. You only have until September 10th to try it, but that’s plenty of time. Try out the new Wu-Lin fighters which offer warriors such as the mysterious and very agile Nuxia, or the sturdy Shaolin Monks which can bash your skill in with a staff.

For Honor

The open test does have a few restrictions. The Arcade mode, a new solo and co-op mode that lets you earn a lot of things and then carry it into the multiplayer modes, won’t be available. That’s a shame, but we do have the Breach mode to look forward to.

Things are looking good for the game, so let’s hope this expansion manages to bring in a couple of new players to this brutal dueling game.

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