Fortnite Players Make “Documentary” Of Players In Game

Fortnite has been adding a lot of cool features and modes to the title since its arrival, but one of the best new additions recently is easily the Replay Mode. This very interactive mode allows you to view your battles from several different perspectives, and even from the viewpoints of other players. As such, players have been taking certain liberties and using the replay mode to create some very funny videos. Including some that are “nature documentaries”, but instead of animals, they’re profiling players in the game.

Dubbed, “Fortnite Geographic“, the video takes a look at all the different kinds of players you can find within the title, and does it in a way that mocks the other nature documentaries in the world. Including having a narrator that sounds snooty and rich and believes that only high-class citizens are watching this…marvelous. Here’s a full description of the video:

In Fortnite Geographic we set foot to find the different species and creatures inhabiting the lands of Fortnite. From the 2 noobies, to John Wick himself. The Architects and the builders and the bush wookies, we showcase a wide variety of different species as well have an interview with a resident from Tilted Towers.”

The video itself is actually quite funny, and the use of the Replay Mode is very well done here. From the sweeping shots of the lands within the map, to the battles and shots of the characters doing certain actions, it plays out just like a nature documentary. And how the narrator defines some of the player types you meet are quite hilarious.

This will no doubt be the first of many unique videos that will arrive from the Replay Mode. And we look forward to finding them and sharing them with you if we find another true gem. But, if you make a video and think it should be worthy of a spotlight, send them our way!

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