Gears Of War 4 Getting Major Update In March

Gears of War 4 had quite the legacy to live up to. The original Gears trilogy was a staple of the Xbox and Xbox 360, and it told a powerful story, all the while delivering visceral gameplay that players truly enjoy to this day. The new game did very well, and since many are still playing it, it needs to still be updated. Thankfully, that’s exactly what develop Coalition is doing. And now, they’ve outlined exactly what you can expect in March, as well as beyond it.

The next update is going to arrive on March 6th, and it’s going to shakeup some things. For example, the Hammerburst weapon won’t be a loadout weapon anymore.

“This change is being made to preserve its impactful role as a potent long-range rifle but removing the issue with its over-effectiveness when used by a team of players. The Hammerburst will now be available as a secondary weapon pickup in Core, much like the Markza, Boltok, Overkill and Retro.”

Gears of War 4

Now, if you’re looking for new things to do in the Gears of War 4 update, Coalition has you covered there too. For they’re bringing in some new achievements for you to earn. For example, beginning with the update, you can get “Slaying It” by getting 5,000 kills. Or “Getting Competitive” by winning 25 matches in competitive playlists.

Starting today, Competitive 2.6 will begin, and through its first weekend the XP you can earn in it will be double! So don’t miss out on that.

Finally, the Series 3 Drops have arrived, and in them you can find things such as V-Day Marcus, the Locust Drone and Grenadier. You can earn them or craft them yourself, it’s totally up to you.

A full Patch Notes for the upcoming update will release next week, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, hop into Competitive 2.6 and get your Gears of War on!

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