God Of War Director Talks Preventing Leaks

With the modern age of technology comes the ability to hack and datamine information and then spread it to the masses before people are supposed to see it, if they’re supposed to see it at all. For video games, these leaks can be both very helpful and very unwanted. Especially when the leaks involve story details, endings, character reveals for certain titles, and more. For the latest God of War game on PS4, director Cory Balrog fought hard to make sure leaks didn’t happen.

In a chat with GamingBolt, he noted that the process of preventing leaks took its toll:

“Yeah, that nearly killed me,” said Barlog about leaks. “There is a lot of stress in trying to get people on board with concepts and ideas, and pitching and convincing and trying to keep everyone on target, and that’s really hard, right? But then in the end, for the last year and a half, I had to ensure that everyone across the world aligned with what we were doing, and didn’t let any information out on an incident in the game. Wow. I have never experienced that much stress. It is a wonder that nothing got out- actually, I think it did get out, some information leaked, but fortunately it didn’t permeate too far out into the ether for everyone to catch on to it.

God Of War

Ironically, if leaks happened about past God of War titles, it may not have meant anything because of the simple story. But the PS4 one had a major cinematic story with many twists, and an ending that people talking about in a big way. So yeah, it is a miracle that nothing got leaked.

“We were able to keep on top of it. But it was very stressful, trying to ensure that everyone could get the same experience, and it required a lot of great collaboration between the marketing and PR groups to be flexible.”

God of War is available now for PS4.

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