GTA Online’s Diamond Casino Heist Has Arrived

GTA Online’s Diamond Casino Heist has arrived and brought with it the most complex criminal operation for you to pull off alone or with friends!

Some of the people you can hire to help you with your heist
Image credit: Rockstar Games

The toughest challenge in GTA Online is here

Have you been bored lately in GTA Online? Looking for the next challenge? Well now you get to take on the most complicated and audacious heist in the history of Los Santos. You’re going to rob the Diamond Casino & Resort, formerly controlled by Tao Cheng and the Triads but now run by the cutthroat Texan petrochemical tycoons, the Duggans.

With Georgina who’s calling the shows and Lester Crest, a brilliant mastermind that’s a bit awkward but has a terrifyingly vast network of resources, players can pull off one of the craziest operations this city has ever seen. I was excited when I first heard about this heist because of how challenging they promised it would be. Now that the details are here I’m pretty sure that this is leagues above any other heist that the game offers. Also, the new radio station hosted by Danny Brown also made its way to the game.

Robbers getting out of a van
Image credit: Rockstar Games

This is a heist that will truly test your skills

First things first, players need to train. That’s why Lester will help you buy your own Arcade property that comes with 12 exciting playable games. Then, once the Arcade is set up, the basement is the place where the magic happens. This Hideout features three planning boards and is also the place where you leave your getaway vehicles and heist equipment. You’re also going to practice here. Honing your vault cracking and hacking skills is needed before you start this heist. Preparations also include gathering intel, scouting and documenting the entry points, getting info on the security systems, and more. The more you’re stocked up on information the more options you get.

The Diamond Heist offers three distinct approaches

Silent & Sneaky, The Big Con, and the Aggressive approach are offered. As you can judge from the names, one lets you go in undetected and disappear with the loot without anyone even knowing you were there. The second one is all about dressing up as contractors and getting in and out under the guise of pest control or something like that. Then there’s the Aggressive approach. This one involves a lot of guns, death, carnage, and bloodshed. Check out more detailed information about GTA Online’s Diamond Heist right here.

Robber preparing to go down
Image credit: Rockstar Games

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