Buzzy Bees Finally Make Their Appearance In Minecraft

Buzzy Bees are now the brand new cute things that made their appearance in Minecraft now in a playful new trailer.

A bee pollinating a flower
Image credit: Microsoft

As we all know, bees are a species that are in a lot of trouble. This spells a lot of trouble for the rest of the world as these cute little buggers play an incredibly important role in the ecosystem. That’s why Buzzy Bees now come to Minecraft in a brand new update. That’s not all, as Microsoft also partnered with WWF in order to raise some money for this organization and their struggles to keep some of the endangered species safe, bees included.  You should keep an eye out for upcoming streams that will talk more about these yellow fellas and the events that will be centered around them.

Now, let’s talk about this update. As you can already imagine, it comes with bees, bee nests and beehives, a lot of honey blocks, honey bottles, honeycombs, and so on. As far as the bees themselves, they are neutral animals that will always look for flowers. They won’t attack unless provoked. And when they do, their stinger remains in you and then they die. Why the hell would you want to see a delightful creature such as this die? Bees are playful, hardworking, and absolutely too cute, as the official trailer for the update shows! I’m very excited to get a whole lot of beehives and just smell the flowers with them.

A bunch of angry bees getting out of a beehive after it gets struck by an arrow
Image credit: Microsoft

Minecraft is a really old game. If you haven’t played it by now, you should. Thankfully for you, Minecraft is currently available on HRK Game, 50% off so I really don’t know what you’re waiting for. Come on, it even has freaking bees now!

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