Rocket League Lowered The Prices Of Some Blueprints

After a lot of player complaints, the Rocket League lowered the Blueprint prices of some of the items and item attributes.

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Image credit: Psyonix

Rocket League decided to remove loot boxes a while back and replace them with an in-game shop and Blueprints. A step in the right direction. But the prices attached to these Blueprints were quite stupid. And the players made that abundantly clear on Reddit, the forums, and so on. Psyonix noticed this and decided that Rocket League is getting lower Blueprint prices. Since you don’t want to ruin the great relationship you have with your game’s community, the prices have been changed. Rare cost 50-100 Credits. Very Rare ones will set you back 100-200 Credits. Import ones are 300-500 Credits, and the Exotic ones are 700-800 Credits.

The item attributes for Paint and Special Editions have also been reduced. Most Paint Colors are now 50-200 Credits, Burnt Sienna costs a whopping 0 additional credits, anyone that wants the shiny Titanium White has to pay 100-500 additional Credits, and there are the Special Editions which cost 200-400 additional Credits. Black Market Blueprints, on the other hand, haven’t received a reduction in their cost. Those are the ones that cost the same amount as the game. So, I guess the players are still going to voice their frustrations about this as they’ve been doing for a while now.

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Image credit: Psyonix

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