Hellblade 2 Is Officially Confirmed For PC

Hellblade 2 has been officially confirmed for the PC platform for which it is being exclusively developed as well for the new Xbox.

Senua preparing for ancient chanting
Image credit: Ninja Theory

Our beloved female warrior Senua is making a return. This time she doesn’t look like a wounded animal. Now Senua is more like an animal on the hunt. An animal that can summon a giant monster or something with ancient Nothmens language. If by some chance you haven’t watched Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II trailer, go watch it right now. It’s definitely one of the most terrifying and enticing trailers I have watched in years.

We know that this is the leading title for Xbox Series X. However, a lot of us wanted to know if the game was going to make its way to PC. We finally have an answer now.


Microsoft has been showing love to PC players these last few years. This is just another sign of affection that we should be very thankful for. Ninja Theory is able to create amazing games with surreal stories and intense atmospheres. The sequel to Senua’s Sacrifice seems like it will explore themes that differ from the first game, and I’m very curious as to what they’re going to do about Senua and her inner demons. Everyone is excited for Hellblade 2 and now it’s even been confirmed for the PC so the next year is already looking great for us!

A bunch of eerie-looking skulls laying on the ground
Image credit: Ninja Theory

If you haven’t played Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice it can be bought on HRK Game for an outstanding price right now!

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