How Outriders Deals With Cheaters

Outriders just shared some hilarious news in the latest dev update that shows how they’re planning to battle cheaters.

Outriders cheaters
Image credit: People Can Fly

Cheaters are getting branded

Most online, co-op or multiplayer games have a distinct way of dealing with cheaters. You ban them. Pretty simple, pretty effective. However, People Can Fly have a different plan. You see, Outriders has a specific way of countering cheaters. Well, it isn’t countering as much as it is humiliating, but it will definitely make anyone think twice before they mess around with the game in ways that aren’t approved by the devs.

So, while this dev update addressed bugfixes, lost legendaries and future plans, the cheaters segment was the funniest thing.

It’s strange but it seems that only 0.01%of players messed around in the game during the beta. Out of 2 million players, that’s only 200 naughty ones. But, this number is definitely going up once the game fully launches.

Cheating and the consequences it brings

So, anyone caught cheating will:

  • Suffer the consequences on any character that uses that account
  • Lose the ability to matchmake with normal players
  • Experience longer matchmaking time
  • Get a HUD watermark that flags the player as a cheater for everyone to see

Anyone that cheated during the demo needs to delete all their characters and items from that account. Otherwise, it will be branded once Outriders fully launches. So, what actions count as cheating? The following shouldn’t be attempted if you want your account to avoid the cheater brand:

  • Playing Outriders on PC without having Easy Anti Cheat running
  • Modifying your game files to alter a character in any way
  • Using external modification to alter vendors and challenges
  • Running trainer or similar programs
  • Using gameplay altering programs (Aimbot, Wallhack)

Performance altering software isn’t considered cheating.

Outriders cheaters
Image credit: People Can Fly

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