Terraria Finally Has Steam Workshop Support

Terraria gets Steam Workshop support ten years after its release so that anyone can enjoy some player-made mods!

Terraria Steam Workshop
Image credit: Re-Logic

Terraria did a lot of things in the 10 years it’s been out. It sold over 35 million copies, ported to many other platforms, and got tons of mods. All kinds of crazy items, bosses, biomes, and more. But, adventure maps, texture overhauls, and things like that are also standard additions for many. Now that entire process gets a lot easier. Yup, Terraria has Steam Workshop support.

No more hassles, this system lets every Terraria content creator make their own stuff, then upload it and share it with others. Also, don’t forget that the only thing separating you and player-made content is the download button.

So, what are the advantages of having a Workshop page? Well, you get:

  • Your description page where you can put whatever you like
  • A dedicated discussion forum for that content
  • The comments page
  • Changelog page meant to catalog any updates you make
  • Metrics and rating system information for the Workshop files
  • The option of renaming your content
  • Options to upload screenshots or videos of your content
  • The visibility toggle

While the TModLoader is still king of huge Terraria content mods, maps and texture packs or even fan-made language packs benefit greatly from Steam Workshop support. This update also brings a lot of bugfixes, and you can see the Developer’s Choice to see what content devs like the most in their official post.

Terraria Steam Workshop
Image credit: Re-Logic

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