Rust Players Lose Their Saves In Data Center Fire

+Facepunch Studios confirmed that a lot of Rust data got lost in a huge datacenter fire that destroyed the SBG-2 building.

Rust datacenter fire
Image credit: Facepunch Studios

A Rust player always expected to lose everything

Rust is a special kind of survival game. Some would even call it an insane social experiment where you deal with all kinds of crazy people. But, its intensity and insanity make it incredibly compelling to play.

See, Rust doesn’t care. Do you have a cool base full of valuable stuff? Tough luck, someone raids it while you’re offline. Everything is either wrecked or stolen. Yet, Rust players enjoy this gameplay. While it may seem psychotic and masochistic to me, it’s bliss and enjoyment to them. A truly fascinating experience that attracts new people into its crazy world regularly.

Saves lost in datacenter fire can’t be recovered

A Facepunch Studios tweet states that they cant recover lost saves. But one of the replies perfectly encapsulates how well players are dealing with this crisis:

It’s a horrible thing and thankfully it seems like no one got hurt in the incident.

Keep in mind that this incident affects the EU servers only. Other regions can raid, pillage, and enjoy their game as per usual. We don’t know if the Rust datacenter fire affects the release of the console version. The studio hasn’t said anything regarding that.

Rust datacenter fire
Image credit: Facepunch Studios

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