New World Announces New Closed Beta

New World is ready to show off its world another time as it announces another closed beta you can enter by pre-ordering.

New World closed beta
Image credit: Amazon Game Studios

We don’t see MMOs a lot these days. That’s because the massively multiplayer online trend dissolved into a smaller kind of multiplayer experience, the battle royale. Yet, MMOs aren’t completely dead, and one of the most promising ones is definitely Amazon’s New World. It’s got an interesting setting, a blend of PvP and PvE, and a lot of crafting. It looks like a hybrid made out of MMORPG and survival games elements.

I’ve talked about New World a lot, but these days I only mention it when it gets delayed, over and over again. Nothing new, as the video game industry can’t survive without delays. I’m not sure I’ve seen one title in the past year that didn’t get at least one delay.

However, at least we get to play the game in one way or another. Amazon announced another New World closed beta. This time players can experience all the new additions the dev team added since the last beta, including:

  • Reekwater and Ebonscale zones
  • New weapons and weapon skill trees
  • Overhauled crafting
  • Reworked questing
  • Added voiceovers
  • Fishing
  • Duels
  • Expeditions
  • Outpost Rush
  • New monsters
  • Improved UI

Quite a lot of new stuff for us to enjoy. The Closed Beta starts on July 20th. Will you be invited? Are you excited about New World? Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section down below!

New World closed beta
Image credit: Amazon Game Studios

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  1. Claire says

    But…this is not a new closed beta, this is the closed beta that was always announced for people who preorder before the release, it has always been announced since the announcement of the game that it will have a test period a month before prior to launch

    1. Dante says

      Well they still made a whole post emphasizing it so I decided to cover it, I’m sorry if the title ends up being misleading I didn’t know this was a pre-order thing.

  2. sedecordle says

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  3. fall guys says

    I’m very excited to read this news. Can’t wait to play this new closed beta.

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