Outriders Is Square Enix’s Next Major Franchise

Outriders manage to reach 3.5 million players just in time for Square Enix to announce that it’s the company’s next major franchise.

Outriders Square Enix
Image credit:: People Can Fly

Outriders is a game that sparked up a lot of debates in the gaming sphere. Some say it’s generic, others like its take on the looter-shooter experience. People are divided, as one would say, but there’s one thing for sure. Outriders is definitely a success for Square Enix.

“We’re also looking forward to expanding Outriders in the future…” is the line that sticks out the most in their announcement post. The devs wanted everyone to know that Outriders had a very successful launch, with 3.6 million players playing the game in the first month.

Quite an impressive number, and one that can turn Outriders into the next Square Enix blockbuster IP. It’s also new, and in an industry dominated by old running franchises and series, that’s a welcome breath of fresh air.

The only thing I want to know is how well Outriders did financially. These player numbers don’t mean much when the game has a playable demo. It was also included with Xbox Game Pass. Nevertheless, if the devs keep releasing new exciting content, Outriders definitely has a bright future ahead of it.

Outriders Square Enix
Image credit:: People Can Fly

Outriders is available for an insanely discounted price on HRK Game today!

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