Rainbow Six Siege Showcases New Gadgets

Rainbow Six Siege comes out with a new video showcasing two new Operators and the fancy new gadgets that they’re using.

Rainbow Six Siege
Image credit: Ubisoft North America

Kali and her brutally powerful bolt-action sniper rifle

Shifting Tides is coming. Are you Rainbow Six Siege players excited? I bet you are, the two new Operators have some nice toys in their arsenals. First, we have Kali, an Attacker from India. She is in charge of her own private military faction, and she’s the first dedicated sniper. So, what’s so special about her? Her weapon, the CSRX 300 Sniper Rifle. Keep in mind, it is a bolt-action sniper, but it packs a demonic punch. See, the CSRX 300 goes through multiple walls and barricades and then straight up eviscerates your allies. Multiple allies at once even. The shot is loud and leaves a smoke trail behind, so at least you’ll know from where death is coming from.

Then there’s Kali’s LV Explosive Lance under-barrel weapon. You use this baddie by firing it into a wall or a barricade. Then all the gadgets on both sides get destroyed. All in all, Kali is like the stronger version of Glaz. I think we all know that Ubisoft needs to buff Glaz and his Dragunov, especially when Kali enters the scene.

Rainbow Six Siege
Image credit: Ubisoft North America

Kenyan and his absurdly useful magnet

Next up we have Kenyan Wamai, a member of Kali’s military faction. In fact, he’s the best operative there, mostly because of his Mag-NET System gadget. What does it do? Well, it’s basically a big middle finger to any thrown projectile. Frag grenades, flashbangs, Ash’s breaching rounds, Nomad’s air jabs, Thatcher’s EMPs, and so on. All of these get attracted to this incredibly powerful magnet. Thankfully, only one projectile can be redirected this way. But, since the position of the magnet dictates where that projectile gets redirected to, the defenders can pull off some nasty tricks. Players in the comments section of the video are already worried about the redirected grenades counting as friendly fire. This guy in the right hands is definitely going to be a nightmare to deal with.

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