Red Dead Online Adds New Gameplay Mode

Rockstar Games is aiming to make Red Dead Online a major money maker for itself. Its parent game, Red Dead Redemption 2, was the biggest seller of 2018, and by a very good margin. But with the online mode, it’s still got some things to work out. But, the team are doing their bit by adjusting things, refining things, and most importantly, adding more modes to the gameplay. Another new mode was added called “Up In Smoke”, and it was detailed on the games site.

Here’s the breakdown of the mode:

Destroy the enemy camp at all costs in Up In Smoke, the latest Showdown Mode added to the Red Dead Online Beta today. All players start out with an explosive package and each successful delivery to the opposing team’s base will detonate a piece of their camp. Deliver all of your packages and raze the competition’s base to the ground to claim victory.

Red Dead Online

In celebration of this new mode in Red Dead Online, Rockstar is offering some special bonuses to players:

This week’s featured bonus is a 30% XP boost on all Ability Cards. Ability Cards come in Dead Eye and Passive variants – Dead Eye Ability Cards grant special advantages while Dead Eye is active while Passive Ability Cards have unique Combat, Recovery or Defensive advantages- and each card has three available tiers. Rack up extra XP this week to reach the next tier faster, then upgrade the card to get an improved version of that ability. Ability Cards like To Fight Another Day, Strange Medicine and Slippery Bastard can all come in handy in Up in Smoke, activate them while you’re fighting your way to deliver an explosive package behind enemy lines.

The new mode is available to play now, and the bonuses are here to enjoy as well.

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