Resident Evil Re:Verse Hit With Second Delay

The Resident Evil PvP multiplayer spin-off Re:Verse can’t catch at all it seems as the game just got hit with a second delay.

Re:Verse second delay
Image credit: Capcom and NeoBards

Re:Verse has an interesting idea. A third-person multiplayer shooter where 4 to 6 players get to take on each other as various Resident Evil characters. Where else can you play as Nemesis or Jack Baker? I’m sure everyone who went up against these horrors would love to see what’s it like to assume their terrifying form.

But, there’s trouble with the game’s development. Re:Verse was already delayed once. It’s obvious they need to figure out the latency and such aspects of the game. Since previous betas were riddled with matchmaking issues to such a degree that Capcom ended them early.

Well, I regret to inform you that the development right now isn’t doing better. Re:Verse just got hit with a second delay. While most see this as an unimportant spin-off, Capcom obviously doesn’t want it released in a broken state. So all of us that expected to hunt down Leon as Nemesis this year will have to wait. The new release window is 2022 with no precise release date.

Are you excited to give Re:Verse a shot? Or will you stick to Resident Evil titles that are all about survival horror?

Re:Verse second delay
Image credit: Capcom and NeoBards

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