The Division 2 Already Having Issues?

Three years after the launch of the original game, The Division 2 has arrived from Ubisoft. The sequel to the flawed but fun game is aiming to make up for the mistakes of the original. Including having a better story, better endgame content, and of course, fewer glitches and errors at launch. Many players are already in the game via digital downloads and pre-orders, and they’ve already noted that there is a serious bug affecting them.

On Reddit, one player noted (and many more confirmed it was happening to them to) that when Skills were activated, they wouldn’t work, and would instantly recharge as if they were used. This happened because of a launch day patch:

“I activate my drone or shield (haven’t tested others, this happens with all variants) and within two seconds, the skill disappears and I have a 15 second cooldown,” u/TheBalance1016 wrote.

He went on:

“This is not holding down the skill to dismantle and trigger the shorter cooldown. This is -always- a 15 second cooldown, and it makes most skills (with any kind of duration in the world) unusable,” they added, pointing out that it, “Definitely wasn’t happening prior to this patch”.

It should be noted, that this is not happening to all the players of The Division 2 apparently, but a large number of them are experiencing this. No doubt the patch screwed up something upon installation. Ubisoft hasn’t responded to this at present, but given that this is launch day for the game, they’re likely not going to respond until tomorrow.

Hopefully this is the only major glitch that is going on with the launch, as Ubisoft would hate to find out that they missed just as significant bugs.

We’ll keep you posted on any other issues in the game, or if this one gets fixed soon by Ubisoft.

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