The Last Of Us Part II Will Have Multiplayer and Customizable Avatars

The Last Of Us was one of the most important games of the PS3 generation (and then it was “remastered” for the PS4, because why not?), and now, The Last Of Us Part II is in development, and is set for the PS4, or at least, that is what we expect. Despite us knowing that it is coming, and having seen many stills and teaser trailers, we still know precious little about the game. We do know it’ll feature Ellie and Joel, and have many new characters, but that’s about it.

However, a job listing from developer Naughty Dog seems to show that The Last Of Us Part II will not only have multiplayer modes, but that you can actually customize your character in the mode. The job listing is for a Multiplayer Server Programmer, and the description of the job as is follows:

“We are looking for a server programmer who loves constructing a scalable, stable, and secure ecosystem of services for players to enjoy. You will usher them through the entire multiplayer experience, from first login, through matchmaking, and then granting rewards players can use to customize their characters in the store. As one of the caretakers of the live environment, you will be a critical part of the team that launches the game’s services.”

By confirming the “store”, this seems to imply that the game will have microtransactions, which has been a bit of a “hot spot” for gamers as of late. Granted, this will be like Overwatch or Fortnite where you just buy things to make yourself look “cool”, but still, this is a game known for its storytelling, to add microtransactions will tick off many.

Then again, since we don’t know much about the game at all, that might tick off players more. The Last Of Us Part II is rumored to be releasing this year, but it’s not a guarantee.

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