The Light Is Your Freind In Psychological Thriller – Those Who Remain

Those Who Remain is a game in which you get to explore a small town that is stuck in an endless night, and demons are involved.

Those Who Remain

Who wouldn’t want to explore a small town that is trapped in eternal demonic darkness? This psychological thriller, even though it looks much more like a horror to us, features some eerie creatures, portals to alternate worlds, and an emotional narrative. It seems that the game focuses on these “mirrored worlds” that we can visit. Everything that you do in them will affect the real world. It all sounds very complicated and confusing right now, but you can watch the latest trailer to see Those Who Remain in action.

We will assume the role of Edward Turner, a guy with a troubled past (of course), that needs to figure out what’s happening in Dormont. There has to be some cult involved in all of this. That’s how it always goes in titles like this.

Those Who Remain

This thriller is drawing some inspiration from Amnesia since we won’t be able to fight these demons or creatures or whatever they are. Hiding will probably be the best defense against them. Also sticking to the light seems to be the name of the game here. The light is your friend, and it will protect you from those nasty demons.

Portals, mirrored worlds, demons, it all sounds very interesting. There is no exact release that for this title, but it’s coming out sometime in 2019.

Those Who Remain

This is definitely a title that we’re going to watch closely, so stay tuned for more news!

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