WoW: Legion Legendaries Effects Disabled In Battle for Azeroth

WoW’s Battle for Azeroth is coming later this year, but we keep learning more and more about the upcoming features and changes that are coming alongside the expansion. A person by the name of Mystler noticed that the equip effects of Legion Legendary Items get disabled once you reach level 116. This change was probably made in order to prevent any balancing issues when new items come with the expansion.

Image source: Wowhead

As we found out on the Wowhead post, it appears that once you reach level 116, the special effects of the Legion legendary items that you get once you equip them get disabled. These items now have a tag that says that the special effects are only active when you’re level 115 or lower. This is an interesting change, but there’s no official reason behind it. Even though the effect gets disabled, you can still use the item for the stats. They are also still a high-level piece of gear, which also helps, but the loss of such powerful effects will definitely be felt, but you’ll probably find a replacement by then.

Have you prepurchased Battle for Azeroth yet? The newest expansion for WoW is bringing lots of new features, like the Warfronts RTS-like mode, the Island Expeditions co-op mode, and of course, a bunch of new dungeons, items, class changes, and more!

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