Xbox Co-Creator Really Digs The Nintendo Switch

It’s always good to hear that your competitors respect the moves you’ve made or the challenges you’ve overcome in order to make something work. For while it may still be a competition, that doesn’t mean you can’t be civil. In the console wars, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have been known to be chippy at times, and their fanbases eat it up. However, there is a lot of respect between the three. Case and point, the Nintendo Switch is the hottest console on the market, and the co-creator of the original Xbox is happy to praise it as such.

Ed Fries talked with Geekwire about the Nintendo Switch and all things Nintendo, and he admitted that while the Switch didn’t win him over at first, it did once he played it.

“Eventually, I buckled and got a Switch to play Mario, and I was really surprised how many different and creative ways they use the controllers, how they can be joined onto different supports, or you can separate them and hand them to another player and turn them sideways. It’s something that’s really won me over as a cool machine.”

But wait, there’s more. You see, the last time that Nintendo had a major hit console was with the Nintendo Wii, where they introduced motion controls to the world and the world fell in love. In response, Sony made the Move motion controls, and Microsoft made the Kinect. Neither were a big success compared to the Wii. Many are wondering if the two will try to do the same to mimick the success of the Switch. Fries personally hopes they don’t do that.

“I don’t think the right thing for Microsoft or Sony to do is imitate Nintendo or try to be Nintendo. I don’t think they’ll succeed by being Nintendo.

Instead? He wants them to go their own path, find their own niche, and stick with it.

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