Battlefront II Will NOT Be Getting Playable Droideka’s

Regardless of the controversies surrounding it, Star Wars Battlefront II does have a lot of individual player classes that you can be. From basic troopers and soldiers to some of the best heroes and villains in the Star Wars galaxy, you can be just about anyone, and gamers have loved that. A recent update video seemed to indicate though that the Droideka’s, the super droids from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, was going to be added as a playable character, as they could be seen in the background of a screenshot.

This got many fans excited, for you actually could be Droideka’s in the original Battlefront games. But, DICE has looked into the matter and noted that this isn’t the case.

“When we first started to see mentions of Droideka the instant answer from us was ‘no,’ which at the time we believed to be 100% correct,” the explanation post said on Reddit. “This is because we currently have no active plans for a Droideka, nor do we have any assets within our active development version of the game. While we saw the similarities, we believed it could have been a crashed speeder or environmental clutter.”

Star Wars Battlefront II

But…then they actually looked at the screenshot…and…

“Because we have the ability to reload the scene (think of it like opening a save point in a level) a screenshot was created in, we did some additional investigation. It was during this investigation that we found an old, unused and partially built asset of a Droideka. The asset itself is nothing more than a static model. It has zero integration into the game, meaning it is currently missing, rigging, animation, VFX, audio, abilities, UI and more.”

So there you go, this was a true accident, and one that was unintentional in being misleading in any way. There are new characters coming to Battlefront II, but the Droideka won’t be one of them.

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