Full Cross-Play Coming To SMITE

PC, Xbox One, and Switch players will all be able to play SMITE together when the 6.1 update arrives.


It’s good to see more and more developers opening up to the idea of cross-play. Last time we talked about Rocket League and how it got full cross-play, and now it’s also coming to SMITE. If you aren’t aware of this and don’t know what we’re talking about, this particular feature allows players to play together no matter what gaming system or platform they’re using. For instance, an Xbox One player that is playing SMITE can’t be matched with someone that is playing the game on the PC. But, that’s going to change with the 6.1 update.

SMITE is one of those games that arrived during the MOBA craze, which is now a long-forgotten period, and brought familiar MOBA mechanics, but in a third-person game. This particular title never got that popular, but it seems like a solid number of people is still playing the game as it’s getting updated on a regular basis.


This update is bringing a lot of other things to SMITE as well, one of them being the fact that cross-progression is being added. Now, while you may thing that we’re just adding the word “cross” to everything, that’s not the case. Cross-progression means that you can use one account for all of your gaming platforms (PC, Xbox One, Switch), and all of the skins and currency will be shared between them. Essentially, players can use one account no matter what platform they’re playing on, which is great.

What are your thoughts on this update and everything that it’s bringing to the table? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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