Resident Evil Village Will Be Censored In Japan

We just found out that the version of Resident Evil Village in Japan has two censored versions that lack scenes of decapitation.

Resident Evil Village Japan
Image credit: Capcom

The Resident Evil franchise is full of blood, gore, and monsters

Resident Evil games often show disturbing and quite gory scenes. After all, this is a franchise full of zombies, mutants, and all kinds of nasty characters. The next installment, Resident Evil Village, brings vampires, werewolves, and other gothic monsters into the mix.

They’re probably all just mutants, but the look is there. Judging from the trailers, these creatures are also quite violent. Standard for this franchise. But, the Japanese version won’t feature extreme scenes of brutality.

Standard practice for violent games in Japan

This isn’t anything unheard of. Japan has a strict policy when it comes to explicit things like sexualization or violence. Resident Evil 7 also featured a lot of censorship in the Japanese version.

The Resident Evil Village version released in Japan is censored in a way that:

  • Doesn’t show decapitations
  • Shows a lot less blood
  • Lacks scenes that CERO deemed as too intense

We don’t know which scenes are missing. It wasn’t specified, but they’re something crazy if Japan decided to outright remove them completely. What do you think, is Japan going too far with the censorship? Let me know your opinions and thoughts in the comments section down below!

Resident Evil Village Japan
Image credit: Capcom

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