Riot Games Loses Alienware Partnership

Due to the constant controversies, Riot Games find itself in, their Alienware eSports partnership is no more.

Riot Alienware partnership
Image credit: Alienware

The consequences of their actions are catching up

Remember when the COO of Riot Games got suspended for misconduct? There are also tons of sexual harassment and systemic sexism issues that we covered a few years ago. Oh, then there’s also the PC Gamer article in February which covered the lawsuit of Riot Games’ CEO for sexual harassment.

Riot Games obviously have a deep-rooted problem with sexism in their company. But, in most cases, it hasn’t affected them in any major way. However, now the consequences are catching up. And the end result is quite severe.

Riot’s public image is in a rough state

You know things are bad when Alienware decides to pull out from the League of Legends eSports scene as a partner. Dot Esports covered this whole thing in-depth and you can check out that article on their website.

This occurrence raises quite a few questions. Will other brands follow? Is this incentive enough for Riot Games to finally step up and root out the sexism in their company? The fact that Riot Games lost their Alienware partnership 10 months earlier than planned is a huge red flag. The company needs to restore its public image or things will get much worse.

Riot Alienware partnership
Image credit: Riot Games

Will Riot Games fix their culture of sexism? What do you think? Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section down below!

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