One or Two People at Respawn Are Working On Titanfall’s Hacking Problem

Respawn Entertainment wants us to rest assured as they have one or two people working on Titanfall’s hacking problem.

Titanfall's hacking problem
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Titanfall and Titanfall 2 are in rough shape. The first game is constantly barraged by DDOS attacks, both games are full of hackers, and Respawn isn’t doing anything to battle these issues. However, a lot of work goes into the Apex Legends battle with its own sort of hacking and cheating issues.

Yet, Respawn finally gave us the measurement we needed. No longer will they sit idly while their games get torn apart by malicious hackers. Players can rest assured knowing Titanfall’s hacking problem is being tackled by one or two people from Respawn Entertainment.

I kid you not, they have one or two people working on this colossal problem.  In other words, they’ve abandoned the Titanfall franchise. You can’t be serious, a 300+ developer team and barely 1% of that takes on the issue which is preventing everyone from enjoying the game?

It’s sad but it’s the reality of things. Respawn has Apex Legends now, a free2play title raking in tons of cash each day. Why would they bother with their old games that their fans love to death? People expect too much from developers these days.

Titanfall's hacking problem
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

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